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Do's and Don'ts

We are licensed professionals and trained to properly clean and inspect your septic system. We are well-equipped to accommodate our customers with dependable equipment and competent staff. Our goal is to provide the utmost in quality customer care for all of our clients. Please check out our Do's and Don'ts for a smooth running system.
  • Limit your water usage. Repair running toilets and leaking faucets. Spread laundry out over the course of a week. Consider a front-load washer.
  • Keep cooking oil and food out of the kitchen sink. Don't put chemicals, paint, unused drugs, or introduce any other harmful materials in toilets or down the drain. Never use a garbage disposal. Never use thick toilet paper or flush baby wipes or paper towels.
  • Don't drive or allow livestock on your tank or drain field. Don't plant trees or shrubs of any sort anywhere near your system.
  • Do know the location of your septic system and have the tank cleaned at regular intervals before you experience a mess. Inspect your drainfield area for soggy areas regularly.
  • NEVER enter a septic tank or leave an open tank unattended.

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